The Chocolatier

Roy Gershon left a successful career in the high-tech world more than 10 years ago with a dream.

He travelled to the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Belgium to learn the secrets of the profession and soon became one of the leading chocolatiers in Israel.

Having a Chocolate business has fulfilled Roy’s dream and as a man full of contrasts, the combination of European classics with Israeli audacity, the combination of precise technique and professionalism with lots of emotion and a connection between many years of knowledge with infinite space for creativity and innovation has led him to become a story of success.

Roy lives in Givatayim, married and a father of two.

ROY CHOCOLATEโ€™s statement of the beliefs: Chocolate contains an experience that evokes a smile, warmth, longing and thought. We source only the very best ingredients, use artisan skills combined with specialised chocolate making techniques to create a magical unexpected signature chocolate experiences for you, packed with a lot of love and care.

Our Customers

Private Customers

Orders made in the online store can be shipped country wide.

Business Customers

We provide premium chocolate selection packs for employees’ birthdays, delivered to new employeeโ€™s home addresses. We provide holiday gift packs for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Purim and deliver chocolate selection packs abroad at Christmas time.

Our service includes deliveries to company offices, customers and employees’ homes.


We provide VIP chocolate selection packs to many of the leading hotels in Israel.

Awards and achievements in Israel and around the world

Community Contribution:

We believe that a part of our daily work is giving back to our community and as a contribution to the community, we at ROY CHOCOLATE have employed people with special needs who have worked with us for many years with lots of love and care.

The packing work at ROY CHOCOLATE is done by people intellectually disabled and blind people.

Youth at risk – Over the years we have taken an active part in working with youth at risk in Tel Aviv and Herzliya. Youth who has dropped out from special education programs and working for ROY CHOCOLATE was their last resort. Roy himself has volunteered to teach youth at risk in professional chocolate workshops and other various activities.

Chocolate makes people happy and it is our great privilege to bring this joy to people.

Therefore, we donate chocolates to many special non-profit associations including Simcha LeYeled, Akim, Lev Ohev, Kav LaChaim, WIZO, the Center for Victims of Sexual Assault, and more.

Also – ROY CHOCOLATE has won the โ€œThe Markerโ€ Magazine award for contributing to the community!

The Marker Magazine has chosen ROY CHOCOLATE for its unique and significant contribution as a leading company of the community to people with special needs



Rabbinate – The products are Kosher under the supervision of the Petah Tikva (Dairy/Pareve) rabbinate according to the product.

Mehadrin – Business customers can also order chocolate packs under the supervision of Chatam Sofer Petah Tikva.

Passover – Every year we prepare the factory for Passover.



Roy works with the highest quality raw materials – fine European chocolate, fruits, spices, fine alcohol and a variety of nuts – with which he cooks fillings, combinations and different flavours with which he produces a unique variety of pralines and truffles.

From classic flavours of French Vanilla, Nougat, Orange and Hazelnut cream to unique combinations of Raspberry Pistachio ganache, Chai Masala truffles and Popcorn Nougat pralines.


Roy’s CHOCOLATE DREAMS series was developed with the desire to give a unique experience of flavours and textures with thin and rich pralines, rich in a variety of fillings of Orange, Espresso, Popcorn, Sesame, Hazelnut cream, Gianduja and moreโ€ฆ and everything in a unique balance between filling and coating – different from anything you ever tasted before.




We will be more than happy to brand chocolates and/or chocolate packs for you.

We can print logos, images or any message you might wish on chocolates or packs for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, gifts for employees or customers, from 50 units and up. We will provide you with a high-quality branded chocolate solution.

Awards and achievements in Israel and around the world